Noise Testing
Noise Tester
Ian Platt
No powered** models are to be flown that do not meet the noise output levels
when measured, i.e. 82db at 7m.

The District Environmental Pollution (Noise) Officer will be making random checks
therefore, proof that this has been accomplished must be provided upon request or you
may be requested to ground your aircraft until said requirements are met. Please ensure
current noise test result sheet for the models you are flying are always brought to the
flying site for proof but be aware that if the model 'appears noisy' that an inspection
and re-test can be required.

Any repairs to models or replacement part added due to wear must be as originally
stated on the noise test sheet (ie. Props, Silencers or Engine!). Any other modifications
to design or changed components will require the model to be re-tested before being

** Please note that high performance electric motor available today are not silent
in flight and are subject to testing to the 82db limitation recommended by the

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