Flying Instructors
Tuesday Evening Training at our Fen site.

The club has a number of training aircraft that we provide each lesson to potential new
trainee members to save them the expense of purchasing their own equipment at these
early stages for a small fee of £2.50 per flight which covers fuel and maintenance costs.
After 3 training sessions we would expect people to know if they would like to continue
R/C modelling, and become a member of the WRMC.

Training at all other times is available by request.
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Colin Enk
BMFA Registered Instructor
Ian Platt
BMFA Approved
Kris Platt
Club Instructor
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BMFA/Club Approved Instructors:
Ian Smith
Club Instructor
Martin Pawsey
Club Instructor
Dave Gregson
Club Instructor
Dave Gardiner
Club Instructor
Derek Bowthorpe
Club Instructor
Jason Skitmore
Club Instructor
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