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Established in 1974                                   Proud Affiliates of the BMFA
Saturday 20th - Wymondham indoor flying
Wednesday 30th - Club meeting

Saturday 3rd - Shuttleworth talk: Flying the BH88 Comet
Saturday 17th- Wymondham indoor flying
Tuesday 27th - Barnstormers Bistro opens
Wednesday 28th - Club meeting
Friday 30th - WRMC Bring and Buy

Friday 4th to Monday 7th - LMA East Kirkby
Sunday 6th - Old Warden season premiere and RAF centenary
Friday 11th - Duxford Photography day
Saturday 12 / Sunday 13th - Old Warden May fly
Saturday 19th - Old Warden evening airshow
Saturday 19th - Wymondham indoor flying
Saturday 19th / Sunday 20th - Tibbenham LMA air show
Sunday 27th - Scale day
Wednesday 30th - Club meeting 

Sunday 1st - Old Warden military pagent (WW1 Centenary)
Saturday 14th - Old Warden evening airshow
Saturday 21st / Sunday 22nd - Old Warden scale day
Wednesday 25th - Club meeting
Saturday 28th / Sunday 29th - Old Buckingham air show

Sunday 2nd - Old Warden Heritage day
Friday 7th - Duxford Photography day
Sunday 9th - WRMC fun fly
Saturday 22nd / Sunday 23rd - Old Warden festival of flight
Wednesday 26th - Club meeting

No current events
Saturday 17th - Hingham indoor flying
Sunday 18th - Old Warden scale model exhibition
Wednesday 28th - Club meeting

Saturday 7th - Hingham indoor flying
Wednesday 25th - Club meeting

Sunday 3rd - Old Warden fly navy
Saturday 9th to Sunday 10th - Kris Plats Stag-do
Friday 15th - Duxford photography day
Saturday 16 - Old Warden evening airshow
Wednesday 20th - Old Warden hurricane heritage photography day
Saturday 23rd / Sunday 24th - North Weald wings and wheels
Wednesday 27th - Club meeting  

Sunday 5th - Old Warden family airshow
Saturday 18th - Old Warden flying proms (21 years)
Thursday 23rd - Old Warden hurricane heritage photography day
Wednesday 29th - Club meeting
Friday 31st - Duxford photography day

Sunday 7th - Old Warden race day (spirit of Old Warden)
Saturday 13th - Hingham indoor flying
Tuesday 30th - Barnstormers Bistro closes
Wednesday 31st - Club meeting

Saturday 1st - Hingham indoor flying
AGM to be discussed
Please note that all events in bold red are either run or hosted by Watton Radio Model Club.